Saturday, 14 January 2012

Top 3 Shoe Trends of 2011

Wasn't 2011 an amazing year for shoes? Some amazing trends sprung up that stuck around throughout the year. These are three of mine (and probably everybody's) favourite ones. And the most popular ones as well....

Number One:

Peep Toe Pumps

This one's been BIG this past year, hasn't it? Peep toes, peep toes everywhere. Since its really basic and can be worn in so many ways, I like this one. But the black peep toe had the lead. It certainly replaced the basic black pump to some extent.

Number Two:

Nude Pumps

All right, so this should have been obvious. I don't exactly remember how they started, but once they were in, they never went out. Everyone wanted a nice pair of nude pumps. Everyone was wearing them with everything. So much, that at one point it almost got boring. But am I bored? Nah. 
There's something about these shoes that you can't substitute them with anything else.

Number Three:

Ankle Booties

Oh my god. This is definitely the best one, in my opinion. Ankle boots are like this perfect blend of edgy, tough and yet quite feminine. I can't get enough of them. 

I wonder if we're still gonna see all of these this year. Will they still go strong? Or are they going to gradually vanish? What ARE we going to see this year?

Images: E! online

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