Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Easy, Wearable Trend for Fall/Winter 2013

 I can finally feel the humidity in the air start to drop and maybe not outside, but at least indoors, the heat has sobered down. I like this, and hopefully, in less than a month now, it'll be wintertime for Mumbai.
 So, here are my favourite trends for this season that I think are wearable and appropriate whether you live in a place that gets super chilly or someplace that doesn't require too many layers.

Number One

 Plaid/tartan seems to be big this season, and I really do like plaid. I think it's wearable and can still be high fashion-y. Think Blair Waldorf with an edge. And those boots with the buckles seem to be everywhere as well! Love them.

Number Two

Remember the black on black trend from two years ago? Well, since winter whites are in this season, why not do a white on white? There's something super classy about an all white outfit. Pair it with some dark red lipstick, and it's perfect! 
 Another fun trend (and I think my favourite) this season is the beanie. I personally love beanies -I think they're cute, look great with anything, and cover up bad hair days in the best way possible. Forever 21 has some amazing ones if you're looking for one.

Number Three

 Since prints are on trend right now, I think we should all embrace them. I like wearing them by keeping one piece of my outfit printed and everything else plain (but not boring) so the outfit doesn't get too busy. Also, I think the outfit above is appropriate for people who don't live in extremely cold countries. Of course, you can throw on a jacket or coat depending on the temperature outside.

Number Four

 So church wear seems to be big right now, too! It may sound absurd, but high necklines, pretty skirts and super feminine accessories can actually be really cute. If you're someone like me who doesn't usually go down this lane, maybe you should try it. I'm going to give it a shot, for sure.

Number Five

 And finally, menswear is another big trend this season. Menswear for women, I mean. The above outfit with some flicked liner, bold brows and nude lips? Thumbs up
 Also, I totally need those shoes. Or a more wearable, everyday version, anyway.

That will be all. I hope some of these collages inspired you to try something new. If not, I hope you enjoyed reading, anyway. I'm really excited for the coming months. Aren't you?


  1. 5, I am in love with, 4 is literally adorable, especially those GORGEOUS shoes, I think they are the next shoes on my wish list :)

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  2. Very cute ideas! I love the bag in look 4!



  3. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  4. Love you outfit collection, they are all very wearable pieces!! My favourite is the dog tooth printed dress!!


  5. Love the post!!! I like everyone of the ensemble!! truely inspiring... :)
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